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کلیپ تولیدی طلاب/ واقعه اسیران شام

عاشورا یعنی سر دادن در راه خدا

عاشورا رمز زندگی با حیات

عاشورا حضور شگرف انسانیت است، در هر جا و در هر روز….

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عاشورا یعنی سبک زندگی با مرام

عاشورا زندگی معنویت

عاشورا: مائده بزرگ روح انسان است، در تداوم اعصار….

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Pilgrimage of Ashura

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Pilgrimage of Ashura
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Pilgrimage of Ashura
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Al-Sulam Aliq or’Abba ‘or’ Ibn Rasulullah (AS), or Ali Abdullah and Ibn Khayrath (PBUH), or Ibn al-Amir al-Mu’minin and Ibn Said al-wujid al-Salam alik or ibn al-Fatima, or Seyyid Nisa al-’Al-i-Ali al-’Alik, or Allah and Ibn Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Chapter Two: Effective Factors in Preserving Ashura

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The daring of a dinner man to the daughter of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him)  
In Yazidi’s parliament, a man from Yemen’s dinner said: “I forgive my girlfriend, the daughter of Seid al-Shohada, shook her aunt, and said:” My aunt, I became an orphan, now I have to get to work? ”
Zainab Kobray told her: you said lies, you can not do this, and not Yazid,
Yezid was angry and said: “You are lying, this is my right, if I want to do it, Zainab Kobray said: No, Wolaah, God has not given you this right unless you leave our nation (Islam) and non-religion Take our religion
Yazid raised his anger and said: “You say this to me, your father and brother went away from religion,” Zaynab Kobray said: “By the religion of Allah and your father and brother, you, your ancestor, and your father have been guided, if you are Muslim?”
Yezid said: “You said lies, you are the enemy of Allah,” Zainab said: you are an Amiry, and you are abusing and wronging your kingdom, it seems that Yazid willed and was silent.
The dinner-man duplicated his (ugly) revelation, Yazid said, “God forbid, take you away from the earth.” (260)
Yazid then ordered the women to be imprisoned with Imam, who were not protected from heat and cold, so that their faces were peeled. (261)
And it is in the narration that Imam Sadiq (as) said: Imam Sajjad and his companions were in a room (runaway), some of the captives said they were being imprisoned in this room for the purpose of reaching the ceiling for us

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